Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan! Our Only Hope, and Why It Will Work.

All you need to know about why this campaign will work and why it is the only campaign that will work is what the struggle between the powers that be and the rest of us really means.

It is a battle between those of us who work and produce and those that scheme steal and hustle like leaches.

It is a battle of fake money(fiat paper money) versus real money(silver).

The only reason the banksters are winning is because they have tricked us into using their fake money which they can easily manipulate to their benefit. As long as we accept this money we will lose, as soon as we reject this money we will win. It is really that simple folks.

Think about it we are the ones who actually build the roads, fish the waters, produce the goods, work in the stores, and mine the commodities. The kleptocracy that rules this country and world is small in number. Further more many of them have not done an honest days work in their life. They are like a spoiled child who has convinced its parents to give them everything and let them avoid their chores.

We create and provide all their services and goods provide all their security. We even provide the innovation, intelligence and technology(how well is the average scientist paid compared to a top notch banker?). The kleptocrats, powers that be, elites what ever you want to call them would not survive without us. They know this but many of us do not know this yet. We need to reject their fake money and adopt the peoples money, silver, that way they cannot manipulate our wealth away from us.

The same reason why this campaign has to work is also the reason why it will  work. As I said above the kleptocracy is limited in number. They also lack a skill set, all they know is hustling and stealing. They have no idea how to labor, create and innovate. As we each buy more and more silver we will start a chain reaction that will legitimize silver and show paper fiat money for what it really is a phony creation of a lazy scheming child like “ruling class”.

Soon enough we will be able to move beyond just buying up silver. As it becomes more accepted, as the price rises against the dollar, and as more working people take possession of it we will begin to use it 
in our transactions with each other. Once that happens the end will be near for the kleptocrats.

So buy an once of silver a week. Take it out of your beer money or cigarette money or whatever your vice might be. If you can buy more buy more. If you cant afford that do it every other week. Every bit will move us forward. When we win it will mean that you will finally be justly rewarded for your labor and sweat. An honest days work will finally bring a high quality of life, and we will finally reach the full promise and potential of this great country.

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