Saturday, January 8, 2011

So being that it is Sunday there is not much to add here; the banks are closed and there is not any new news today about Bank of America. With that being said I wanted to make a conscious effort to update this blog and to keep you all in tune with my progress.

After a lovely and very filling dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with my gf, sister and brother and law I decided to do some work on my new smart phone. I have been very hesitant to get a smart phone for various reasons, the two biggest being cost and privacy.

I certainly solved the cost issue with my phone which was slightly over a $100 without a contract. As far as privacy I went with Metro PCS which has no contract billing, and gave a false name.

Why do I bring all this up? Well when I got back from dinner I decided to "root" my phone, which for the uninitiated basically means I set it up so I would have administrative control over the phone and be able to switch up the factory settings so i could do some cool new things. My hope is that the task managers and organization tools on my new smart phone will help me in this project.

One of the things I can do with my phone now that it is "rooted" is use my phone as a wifi router, now granted its slow as hell (metro PCS) but it works and if your just visiting basic sites its certainly something you can deal with. Two advantages to this; first wifi anywhere I get cell cover, and second anonymous surfing since I left a false name for my phone account.

Now back to closing my Bank of America account for a minute. Obviously I need a bank, I have bills and rent payments and hell check cashing is expensive and running out to get money orders all the time becomes a pain in the ass. My first thought was to go to the "move your money" website. This was a site founded about two years ago in response to the bank bailouts, there was a big push on Huffington Post about it. The information was limited, and the site was idealistic but not very informed.

I also had an issue with some of the sites it linked to like "Find a Better Bank" after one of the searches I did the results were Bank of America, Citizens, and Citi! I look tomorrow for a better info in the same vein.

Despite that obvious flaw it did provide some promising results when searched in a different manner. I have a few potential banks I plan on visiting tomorrow one is called the Cooperative Bank. It is a small local bank with only five locations four of which are within my immediate vicinity. Despite it size it offers a lot of features including online banking (which I don't currently use but am considering in the hopes of becoming more organized).

Now I am aware of the problems with the "move your money" campaign. One being that most of the small banks are reliant on the big banks for direct lending meaning they profit even when you switch out of  your big bank into a small local bank, but I also think the symbolic movement of pulling your deposit out of a bank and no longer allowing them to count you as a client can be a strong and meaningful one.

Unfortunately I have to cut this post short unexpectedly. Good Night until tomorrow.

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