Monday, January 24, 2011

Cute Super Cute

Just an old myspace post I thought some of you would find interesting. There wasn't much in the news today although there was an interesting article in the guardian about Israel and Palestine. I m working on that for tomorrow but want to take my time since its such an explosive issue.
I figured that rather than read through a million articles I would watch a half an hour of CNN during breakfast. I hoped I could get an idea of the main news stories of the day to read in depth later and that the irrating corporate controlled spin would fuel my creative energy.
Instead I got CB'd no not that CB you dirty people, I got cute blocked. Yes cute blocked a 3 minute story on mei lan the new panda at the Atlanta zoo turned into a 15 minute story about the science of "cuteness". I couldn't believe my eyes, this was not this was supposed to be a reputable news network. So I went to the CNN news website figuring the cute story was an abbaration on a slow news day.
So I went to the site and there were twelve articles listed as "top stories" here is a sampling:
1.      World's Tallest Man Saves Lives of Dolphins. (deep, but who will save the tallest man?)
2.      Gamers gone wild: Wii Goes Flying (now not only are gamers geeks but spazs as well)
3.      Folks Try to adopt pup that ate baby's toes. (They were quoted as saying "it was as if that lil pup had a some of our lil girl inside him)
4.      Rosie O'donnell Sorry for Mocking Chineese (Chineese upset they couldn't have been made fun of by someone funnier than this fat bitch dyke)
5.      Men Fight to Say They Impregnated Anna Nicole (Who said men don't take responsibility for getting ubnoxious blondes pregnant)
6.      Miss USA "Issues" Have Her in Trouble (Moral of the story, if your gonna bring your pickle to a beauty contest make sure you tape it back)
So there you have it hope you like marshmallow fluf with your news. God Bless Human Interest Crap

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