Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Questions About Bank of America's Fingerprinting Policy

Have the tellers gone to a class to be taught how to properly finger print?
If you are not a customer of Bank of America's what obligation if any do they have to protect your information?
How is it legal for them to compel you give up an asset(your fingerprint is biometric info possible asset to data miners) in exchange for cashing out a legal debt their client owes to you?
How many check fraudsters did it actually stop?
Do they have a policy in place to deal with the leak of prints?
Who will they share the fingerprints with and under what circumstances?
Will they under any circumstances sell these prints or share them with groups other than police?

Let me know  if you have any questions as I will be speaking to a Bank of America Representative about this soon. Below are a few stories about the program.

Thumbs Down! Rule Draws Local Man's Ire
Bank of America Demands Fingerprint from Armless Man
Bank of America's Cache of Fingerprints

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