Monday, January 31, 2011

Tales From the Street Trades

Once again my apologies for not writing some original content, just incredibly busy once again. Here is something from one of my favorite journalists Fred Reed he is the working man's Hunter S. Thompson in my opinion. Hunter was better, but Fred is damn close, and well he is alive which means new work.
This is a sample of his work. It is on the darker end. Most of his stuff is pretty funny and more political but this is very poignant. It will give those on the outside a better understanding if not appreciation for what police, fire and ems actually do. I put just the first few paragraphs if you want the rest go to this man's sight, read some more of his work and buy his books. He is simply brilliant.

Things You Probably Don't Want to Know

You probably don’t like cops. Nobody does. Ride with them. See what they see. You’ll get a little perspective. You won’t ike it, but you’ll get it.
It was August, near National Airport, and the guy lost his girlfriend and blew his brains out in the bushes. We found him by the smell. Flesh sliding off his face, sternum white through his chest, and my god the maggots. “Think CPR might help?” I asked, ever the wise guy. You get a tough-guy attitude, not because you want to be a tough guy but because otherwise you would go into a bar and never come out.
When children are burned alive in fires, which happens in shitty tenements with corrupt inspectors, they turn exactly the dark pink of a Christmas ham, except their bellies explode and things come out. There isn’t enough bourbon, not anywhere. You like children’s stories? If you hold the hands of a girl of three in a pan of boiling water, you get what are called “immersion cuffs.” She screams a lot because she doesn’t understand why Mommy is hurting her. Usually the mother does it, next the dirtbag new boyfriend, almost never the father.

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