Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On "Toning Down" The Rhetoric

To be perfectly honest I haven't been following this change of tone bologna all that much. But when writers block strikes its always good to go to the enemy and Fox News provided just what I needed. Of course the headline and article that followed could have been found just as easily on CNN or CNBC in fact their spin was probably more ridiculous on this particular topic. Anyways the headline below:

"Lawmakers Mindful of Tone Ahead of Health Care Debate"

First off the article points out that republican lawmakers paused debate for a week out of respect for the victims and family members of the Tuscon Shooting. Oh wow I m sure it meant a lot to those whose family members were just killed. "Sir your son was just shot and killed in broad daylight but John Boehner has temporarily ceased his crying and postulating out of 'respect'"

Secondly on what planet do we have to stop debate on a Health Care Bill because some nut killed a few people in Tuscon one of which was a Federal Judge, and shot a Congresswoman. I don't really see how the two are related, methinks it a non sequitor but nevertheless it was decided shortly after the shooting by the group thinkers that we were all supposed to be careful about what we say.

Well aside from the fact that there really is no evidence that political rhetoric caused the nut job to kill, what does it accomplish to hold off debate for a week? If you really believe your discourse is offensive then stop it altogether, if you don't then why bother.

I don't see anyone having "respect" for the victims of U.S. bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Or anyone chastising those who spurred hatred towards that part of the world and said "bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran" or said we should turn the Middle East into a parking lot.

So please give me a break with this respect for the victims b.s. Its not respectful if you stop for a week then continue on  your merry way.

Moving on, here is a nice use of euphemisms to throw you into a tizzy:

Instead, Boehner substituted the term "job-destroying" during Republicans' retreat in Baltimore over the weekend. And in a post on his official House speaker blog Monday, his office referred to the policy as the "job-crushing" heath care law, which contained "job-destroying" taxes and requirements

Well excuse me then I was totally wrong nothing screams respect like replacing one over used action adjective with another and then moving the first to another place. He wants to let his constituients know that the health care law will not destroy your job just make it more compact, its the taxes that will come in later and melt it down for scrap.
BTW the name of the act to repeal the healthcare bill is, drum roll please....."Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act". Although I suppose killing is less harsh then destroying. I mean you could be killed but not destroyed but if your destroyed you most certainly have been killed. Although if we are using more colloquial terms he could be "killing me softly with his song" and getting "destroyed" off of Four Loco, which could eventually kill  you but not destroy you.
My head hurts can I get a migraine destroying asprin or maybe its crushing, no no that is what my head feels like. How about more good stuff from the dems this time:

Democratic Rep. James Clyburn told Fox News he welcomes the upcoming debate. "The question is, what will be the tone?" he added, urging Republicans to stop describing the bill as "job-killing." 
I m betting on mono-tone. In all seriousness though that is the important question, in what mood will this bill be discussed it is far more important then the actual content of the law itself. Isn't that what America was built on? Saying one thing and doing another. As long as we talk nicely we can do whatever we want. If a congressman hims and haws  about supporting the troops it doesn't really mattered if he voted against a bill to give them body armor, all that matters is that the American flag is pinned on his lapel.

Oh and then he goes on to compare the Obama Healthcare bill or the giveaway to the Health Insurance Companies to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Wow you can't make this stuff up.

Finally Boehner actually finishes with a pretty nice statement:
"No act of violence is going to keep us from doing our jobs and representing the will of our constituents," he said.
If only he meant it.

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