Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chuck Turner Gets 3 Years and the Metro Goes Conspiracy Theorist

Just got off a long night of work and  ended up putting together another blog for today on the train ride back, but before I write that up I figured I would mention two quick things on my mind.

First off Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner's bribery conviction. While I am glad a corrupt politician is going to jail, the sentence is quite ridiculous. Three years? For what? Taking a $1000 bribe for a liquor license?

Please tell me everyone doesn't due this. It only gives credit to his claim that it was a conspiracy against African American politicians. Heck we have a bunch of white bankers who stole trillions and they were given more money. Any of you who think this isn't over kill are living in a fantasy land. On what planet has anyone else gotten such a harsh sentence for a relatively minor crime with no prior record?

Moving on. On the train ride back I noticed the "metro", a free newspaper that runs in a few different cities including Boston. I usually don't read it since its mostly filled with fluff and ads but it was open to the op ed so I decided to take a look. I was surprised to see such an alternative take on the bombing in Russia. Here is the op ed from Andre E. Williams:

               Once again we get the superficial coverage of a tragedy. Unfortunately most of the terrorism in the    Balkan states and countries like Russia and probably in most of the world is the end result of a covert war carried out by Western private contractors and Western intelligence agencies. It is well known that the CIA et al train Islamic rebels to commit acts of terror in the Balkan states to destabilize the former Soviet Eastern Bloc states. Eastern Europe is a hot bed waiting to explode. Oil and Natural Gas are the motivators, and I wouldn't be surprised if a major war is started in the next five years while the news media continue to feed the U.S. public more fluff and a skewed world view.

Thanks Andre for bringing the truth and thanks as well to the Metro. I think Andre could be right here the fact that they are already blaming Muslims from the caucus region is very telling although it could just be a coincidence we will soon see.

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